Enjoy the private beach on Bai Tu Long Bay

Beach BBQ

Beach BBQ

After some enjoyable kayaking, there is no better way of treating yourself than with a private seafood barbecue on an unspoilt beach.
Within minutes a quiet beach is transformed into a romantic spot with beautiful umbrellas providing shade and an elegant dining table right on the beach. Our crew will invite you for a BBQ lunch on the beach – as if it were a wonderful gift granted by a mermaid. Imagine for a moment that you are the only people on earth enjoying a fabulous meal under the clear blue sky on your own private beach.

Start with a glass of wine and proceed to enjoy an array of succulent, grilled seafood. The melodious music of the waves will put the finishing touches to the perfect, dreamy ambience.

This BBQ on the beach is offered and included in 3 day 2 night cruise with L’Amour Junk, Prince Junk, Red Dragon Junk and other longer itinerary.


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