2 day 1 night cruise is a great time to admire the marvelous natural beauty of Halong Bay in a limited time frame. This itinerary lets you discover not only thebeautiful thousands of lime stones Island but also interesting outdoor activities of swimming on a wild beach, kayaking around island and visit fantastic cave on the Bay.

Dragon Legend cruise offers an amazing exclusive itinerary to get off the beaten path in BaiTu Long Bay while other cruisescannot do the same in a normal package.

This 2 day 1 night cruise will bring you to an extremely remote corner of BaiTu Long Bay where you can find yourselves lost in the water wonder and breathtaking scenery. Vung Dang area is a part of BaiTu Long Bay, known as the most beautiful area of the Bay with its marvelous islands on the water. It is more special in Vung Dang area with karsts formation, hundreds of islands shapes like brick stones in an order creating a magical place to admire.

Please check out detail 2 day 1 night itinerary on Dragon Legend Cruise’s official website.

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