For a Green Halong Bay

We recognize that Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site, is a priceless asset.

Ongoing economic development, especially tourism, is placing a lot of pressure on the environment of Halong Bay. We believe that developing businesses should be united with environmental protection groups to find a sustainable harmony. Consequently the products and services of Indochina Junk are always associated with environment protection through our program, “For a Green Halong Bay” run in cooperation with the Halong Bay Management Board.

Tourists actively contribute to the protection of our heritage by joining our tours. Take a trip on a local square nosed row boat or fish with local fisherman to share the benefits of tourism with them, thereby increasing their income and prevent overfishing. Join our mangrove reforestation tour, or participate in our program to replace foam floats with more sustainable plastic ones. Indochina Junk also participates in awareness raising campaigns on how to protect Halong Bay. This includes rubbish collection projects in Vung Vieng fishing village and a project to plant 5 hectares of mangrove swamp in Cong Dam to protect the local ecosystem. This brings new hope to the fishing villages of the bay.

In keeping with the above spirit, we trust that along with developing award-winning services and providing the best leisure experiences for guests, Halong Bay will be protected and preserved for future generations; both ours and yours.

Green Cruise

In our ongoing efforts to improve our services to satisfy all our customers, Indochina Junk has launched many new high quality junks, created many distinctive green itineraries and introduced many value-added services for our customers.

Indochina Junk is always concerned with the preservation of the Halong Bay heritage, even as more new boats are being built and tourism is increasing. That explains our “For a Green Halong Bay” program which has achieved outstanding results. Launched in 2007, “For a Green Halong Bay” became a guideline for our development with the main projects of:

  • Collecting and treating waste in Halong Bay.
  • Changing all the styrofoam floats underneath the floating houses with custom built plastic floats which are durable, long lasting and thus safer for the environment.
  • Providing life jackets to the local fishermen
  • Re-planting mangroves forests in Halong Bay
  • Building new floating schools for the children

Since 2007, “For a Green Halong Bay” celebrates great results:

  • 80% of the rubbish in Cong Dam and Vung Vieng fishing villages was collected and treated.
  • 13,803 kilograms of rubbish was collected in 2014.
  • 128 life-jackets were presented to the local households.
  • 22 hectares of mangroves forests were replanted.
  • A new floating school in Vung Vieng fishing village was built.

In 2011, we began to develop the “For a Green Halong Bay” program, for all 3 day and longer jump cruises. We organized responsible activities to support the local fishermen and protect the environment in Halong Bay and 5 dollars from every client’s cruise is contributed to support this meaningful program.

By choosing our responsible cruises, you will be a conscientious traveller with an opportunity to take part in one of our positive activities and earn the gratitude of the local people in the “For a Green Halong Bay” program.

To minimize the negative impacts to the environment and to improve the locals’ awareness to preserve Halong Bay Heritage for future generations, Indochina Junk appreciates your present and future support. We believe joining Indochina Junk’s responsible cruise is a better way to see Halong Bay and spread the benefits of tourism.

Responsible Tourism Magazine

With the purpose of raising awareness of our staff about the system of responsive tourism projects and protecting environment, in the second Quarter of 2016 Indochina Junk has launched the Responsive Tourism Magazine.

The content of the newsletters includes information about “For a green Halong Bay”, community based tourism in Yen Duc Village and upcoming project of community based tourism in Binh Lieu – a mountainous province in the Northeast of Vietnam.

Besides reporting Company activities, the newsletter broadcasts tourism activities all over the world in order to help readers have deeper understanding and to see how people do tourism in other places.

The first edition will be published with 300 copies, and will be sent to all 14 junks and offices under the management of Indochina Junk. The copies also will be sent to our partners – tour operators, travel agents who have supported responsive tourism project of Indochina Junk.

You can get a free download of our Responsible tourism Magazine here:

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