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Travel to change the world

Have you ever imagined travelling on a cruise and exploring the beauty of nature while preserving almost 2 km2 of the UNESCO Heritage Site? Eco travel and sustainable tourism have recently been more and more prevalent among tourists with a view to taking responsibility with destinations we set foot on.

“For a green Halong Bay” is a project that Indochina Junk has established since 2007 with sustainable goal of raising awareness of environmental issue in Halong Bay and encouraging tourists to join hands to keep the area clean and evergreen.

For a green Halong Bay 2019

This July, in partnership with Chapi Vietnam Travel & Visa Services, Traveler Map Korea and Incheon International Airport has successfully joined “For A Green Halong Bay” program during their stay on Dragon Legend. The team includes of enthusiastic environmental experts and researchers and investors in the field of environment gathering to make Halong Bay rejuvenate its pristine beauty.

On day 1, after having lunch, the team, along with Indochina Junk staff, set out to Cong Do area to collect trash and litter. Subsequently, the compiled garbage was carefully packed and transfers onto the harbor. At the end of the day, the total amount of garbage collected went up to 400 kilograms consisting of plastic bags, disposable plastic bottles, etc. This is such a rewarding achievement for the whole team. “It was not only fun but it’s really eye-opening how much cleaner it can be”, one of the team members shared.

For a green Halong Bay 2019

Thien Canh Son is the second destination of the trip on day 2 when the team visited one of the most beautiful caves in Halong and collected litter along the way. Only after 2 hours caving, the area has become much cleaner from litter.

Over the past 4 years, the program “For A Green Halong Bay” has reached to a number of 80 tons of trash collected by our beloved guests and staffs around beaches and kayaking areas. This special occasion is expected to inspire more and more tourists about responsible travel and encourage others to make an effort to preserve not only Halong Bay but also the beauty of Mother Nature that we are endowed with. Here is a video recapturing moments of the whole team cleaning Cong Do area and nearby natural beach while enjoying kayaking:

This is Indochina Junk’s greatest reward of spreading such meaningful and powerful message to many others about the importance of environmental protection and local community supporting activities. With passion and devotion, the preservation of evergreen Halong Bay is absolutely promising. Indochina Junk is proud to be a part of this amazing journey and will further strive to protect and embrace Halong Bay at its prime.