Indochina Junk focuses on safety and guarantees best practices for visitors joining our Halong Bay trips. We recommend that you follow our safety guidelines for all the activities during your trip.

Safety facilities and maintained equipment

All the boats are equipped with life vests in each cabin and in public areas, life buoys, and life rafts to accommodate all guests and crew on board.



In each cabin, we position life vests in an accessible place, there are flashlights and hammers to break the alarm panel glass in case of an emergency. There are also a fire alarms and fire extinguishers ready to use at different areas on board, following the standard guidelines.



Entering your cabin, you will find a diagram of all the emergency exits on board.


Each boat is followed by a motorized tender to transfer guests from Halong mainland and into smaller areas. It is also supplied with life vests.

The junks are supported by the highest quality marine equipment: VHF radio, GPS plotting device, walkie-talkies, a water leaking alarm system, water pump system, fire alarm system and fire extinguishers. This equipment is constantly maintained and inspected.

Onboard safety

Our crew, captain and tour guides will welcome you on board with a brief description of the trip, the itinerary, activities and safety information as well as an introduction to the crew. You will be guided to each safety facility on board; and there is always updated information about the weather.


Before each activity (swimming, kayaking, floating village, dinner in cave…), our guide will give short introduction and warning to visitors, depending on weather conditions and seasons features, we recommend you to listen carefully to these information.

A speed boat is available to transfer any guest immediately to the harbor in the event of a health emergency.

Halong Bay Safe cruise


First aid kits are available for use on board.


The Marine Search and Rescue team, with essential skills, training and rescue equipment is available in an emergency.

Halong Bay Safe cruise

Our team always monitors the weather conditions in advance under the guidance of the Halong Bay Management Board.

Maintenance and Registration

All the boats are well maintained every six months and daily technical assessments are performed before every cruise. Our technical team has a maintenance schedule for each boat in different periods of the year, based on boat facilities and seasonal requirements. In any urgent case, we immediately put to dry dock for maintenance at our own ship yard.

Our boats are registered and strictly checked by the local authority annually.

Safety training

All our crews must complete training courses for safety, first aid, how to deal with emergencies and how to take care of guests on board.

Halong Bay Safe cruise

Food hygiene and drink safety

All the fresh materials are ordered from prestigious local suppliers and supermarkets. The seafood is sourced from ocean going trawlers.

Beverages are provided by reputable suppliers to ensure good quality and variety.

Our professional chefs only use fresh materials to ensure the highest standards. The meals are tasty, healthy and pleasing to the eye.