Responsible Tourism updates (September 2017)

Responsible Tourism updates (September 2017)

For a green Halong Bay program

This project operated permanently by our staff and our customers. The number of kg of garbage collected in 8 months of 2017 as follows:

  • From January to July: 9645 kgs garbage
  • Especially in August 2017: 2000 kgs garbage.

The Environmentally- friendly aquaculture pilot project  in Vung Vieng Village

Halong Bay Responsible Tourism - Indochina Junk

Indochina Junk- one of the top tour operators in Halong Bay for many years, has stick with the community-based tourism in Vung Vieng village since 2009, joined a big hand with Halong – Cat Ba Alliance and pushed the project into a new period with many positive results until now.

Since 2015, Halong – Cat Ba alliance has run the new project called “Local engagement for sustainable development” project founded by USAID, which aims to strengthen participation of local organizations and communities in the region.

Halong Bay Responsible Tourism - Indochina Junk

Through the village cooperate in the Halong – Cat Ba Allience project, the fishermen have been trained deeper in community-based tourism and know how to provide safe water transport, provide quality service and uphold environmental standards, the residents have been given new opportunities by participating in new model which teaches new skills and offers new employment opportunities through environmentally-friendly aquaculture and responsible tourism.

Children’s play area in Yen Duc Village

In Yen Duc Village, we had completed the Children’s play area in Canh Huong pagoda area, Thung mountain area – where have been recognized as a national cultural heritage since 1993. With the purpose of creating a good learning playground for students, Yen Duc has built and renovated the area, then officially opens to welcome students, parents and visitors from the beginning of the second quarter of 2017.

Organic vegetable growing project and supporting local people in technique and consumption output  (OCOP project)

Halong Bay Responsible Tourism - Indochina Junk

In the beginning of the second quarter of 2017, in order to help local Yen Duc villagers have the official process to plant organic vegetables, clean rice, as well as caring about the stable output and showing our responsibility to international visitors, especially Indochina Junk’s guests who took Halong Bay trip, we has founded a project to help people grow organic vegetables, pay salary and support 100% foods for agricultural engineers Mr.Vi Van Nhan who is responsible for guiding farmers to participate in planting, watering, bugs spraying. In the last July, vegetables harvested from the project are enough for using in one local restaurant. After trying organic vegetables from the OCOP (One commune, one product) project, the host of restaurant really loves it and wants to set up a long-term relationship.

Halong Bay Responsible Tourism - Indochina Junk

The project has been joined by the Yen Duc authorities and households, but the limited weather is still a challenge for Yen Duc. Mrs Mến, who is responsible for the project shared:” Now I with the engineer are working and trying to find out the high productivity and seasonal vegetables to provide clean foods – especially fresh vegetables for used in company’s service chain. We come towards a popular Vietnamese brand which is responsible for the health of Vietnamese and domestic and international visitors. It is known that in addition to the currently available seasonal vegetables, upcoming cultivars may be selected for trial cultivation including: Tomato, sprout, okra … These are all vegetables that are high nutrient content, good for the health of consumers.

Participate in ASEAN awards

On Jun 06th 2017, the Institute for Tourism Development launched the ASEAN Sustainable Tourism Award (ASTA), which is launched under the ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan for 2016-2025.

Halong Bay Responsible Tourism - Indochina Junk

Each member country of ASEAN has two companies which will receive a package award to enhance the corporate image in a sustainable way. The winning company will be promoted on the website of the National Tourism Organization and will be known as the best national tour operator in trade fairs and exhibitions such as ATF, TRAVEX , ITB and WTM.

Yen Duc has completed the file and submitted on Aug 14th 2017. It is said that the results will be announced in December and the awards ceremony will take place at ATF 2018.

Binh Lieu province

Young people recruitment

In 2016, Indochina-Junk operated a training course for a group of Binh Lieu students, after training and studying, 6 out of 10 excellent students were recruited as full-time employees. After one year, the number of staff from Binh Lieu province has increased by 3 employees, now we are having about 9 students studying and working for Indochina-Junk. In the last 6 months of 2017, Indochina-Junk continues to recruit more Binh Lieu students who want to train themselves to become key leaders to ensure quality human resource for BinhLieu in the future.

English club

Halong Bay Responsible Tourism - Indochina Junk

Now Indochina-Junk is providing 100% economic and knowledge supports for English Club at Dong Van Secondary School to help high school students have a solid English bases. In the future, they will participate in developing the Binh Lieu community. Binh Lieu province will become an attractive destination for domestic and international visitors soon.