Responsible Tourism updates

Responsible Tourism updates

Responsible Tourism Magazine of 2017

In March 2017, Indochina Junk is happy to announce the first issue of Responsible Tourism Magazine 2017. In there, we have some summary news and results of our responsible activities in the last year 2016 and 2 first month 2017.

For a green Halong Bay project


The program named “For a Green Ha Long Bay” includes many projects, some are completed and some are in operation. One of the main projects within “For a green Halong Bay” is collecting rubbish and cleaning natural beaches, both had been well performed by Indochina Junk staffs and our customers.

In 2016, with the help from customer, we collect 24638 kg rubbish in Bai Tu Long Bay. The two beaches of Cay Bang and Tra Gioi in Bai Tu Long Bay has been regularly cleaned by our staffs during 2016 and two first month of 2017.

Inspiring a love of traditional folk music



Training project from music expert Phan The Phung to local people, staffs in Yen Duc village and Indochina Junk’s fleet.  The program has  been running for 8 months – exceeding ALL expectations along the way. Immediately crew members with a passion for singing came out of the woodwork. Mechanics, cooks, waiters and even the bartenders were extremely excited – eagerly volunteering to participate when the idea of preserving folk music was introduced.

Cleaning up natural beaches as an activity


In 2016, there were three Indochina Junk beach cleaning programs conducted by our office department. 2017 looks even brighter, we already have 3 different staffs cleaning beaches are part of their daily routine. The team consisted members from such diverse departments in the company as Administration, HR, Accounting, Food Center, Tender Boat, Cave & Island, Service Management, Tourist Center of Ha Long Bay, and Ha Long Responsible Tourism Center has joined together to plant trees and clean the natural beaches in Bai Tu Long Bay.

Binh Lieu projects: “English Club for Binh Lieu’s students” and “Creation of a loving reading corner for students in Binh Lieu”



Binh Lieu mountainous district of Quang Ninh province is home to different ethnic minority groups. The knowledge base in Binh Lieu is not high, so the Board of Management and the Training Department of Indochina-Junk researched and created solutions to establish an English training program for the next generation of Binh Lieu. The English clubs will be a bridge built of knowledge, helping students gain access to a dynamic travel environment while giving them basic English speaking skills.

In addition, officers and employees at Indochina Junk are also enthusiastic to enact methods for students at lower secondary level to have access to knowledge through the “Loving Reading Program.” The media donation program ran for about one month, in that time more than 300 books, newspapers, school supplies (worth about 15 million – or $750 US) were delivered to Dong Van secondary school on 08.31.2016 as a gift for the first day of school.

Download the full version of Responsible Tourism Magazine of 2017

Indochina Junk becomes Travelife Partner


In October 2016, the leader of Indochina Junk – decided to apply for an appraisal certificate from the Travelife organization – a prestigious certificate recognized worldwide among responsible tourism operators and travel services providers.

And in March 2017, Indochina Junk officially becomes Travelife Partner. Travelife is not only a certificate, but it also give a solution, helping businesses to practice responsible tourism, contributing to shape of sustainable tourism for the whole tourism service industry. To achieve a Travelife certificate in the next stage, Indchina Junk’s action plan is a testament to the relentless efforts to protect the environment, landscape and improve destination value to give our guests best experiences.

Earth Hour 2017: Shine a light on climate action




On March 25th 2017 – the day of Earth Hour occasion, all members of Indochina Junk in Hanoi, Halong Bay and Yen Duc village were happy to join this special event. We have a lot of meaningful activities to save the energy and join hand to protect our environment.

  • All boats and offices turn the lights off for 1 hour on 25th Mar and save 2147.61 kW in total
  • Cycling for office staffs in Hanoi
  • Collecting rubbish on Halong Bay with support from customers.
  • Planting trees in Yen Duc Village

This is an annual activity operated by Indochina Junk, we do receive meaningful support from customers, partners and all team members. We do hope this program will be better practiced and raise awareness of people.