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Responsible Cruising & Sustainable Tourism, 2017 in Review

In 2017, Indochina Junk had a great year for responsible cruising on Halong Bay and sustainable tourism. We continue practicing sustainable as the following mission from the last year, many program has ended successfully in this year and we also start launching the new project. It it time to look back what we have done and what still needs to be done in the next year 2018.

Indochina Junk achieved Travelife Partner status

After 6 months applying for an appraisal certificate from the Travelife organization – a prestigious certificate recognized worldwide among Responsible Tourism operators and travel services providers, Indochina Junk achieved Travelife Partner status to implement responsible travel activities more precisely, by the international standards of Travelife. In addition, the activities will be supervised by professionals. It is better that this international recognition can also help us to influence our customers and partners to do the same.

Responsible Travel Indochina Junk 2017 Report

Responsible cruising on Halong Bay

For a green Halong Bay program which founded by Indochina Junk in 2017, are operated monthly by our staff and our customers. In 2017, more than 17.700kg of garbage were collected and brought to the shore to be treated. And about 2/5 of them are non-recyclable waste.

Many other campaigns for collecting trash on the bay and natural beach clean-ups were also organized by Indochina Junk in 2017.

Responsible Travel Indochina Junk 2017 Report

Conservation project of traditional folk music started from March 2016 and now it is finally completed in 2017. This project supports to preserve and promote cultural values with bold folk identity ethnic, traditional music brought closer to the domestic and foreign tourists. As the resulrt,  the project has been widely deployed on some cruise lines of Indochina Junk fleet (Dragon Legend and Dragon’s Pearl Junk) and Yen Duc village .

The traditional instrumental performance on board was highly rated by our customers, as a local touch to Vietnamese traditional music and culture.

Responsible Travel Indochina Junk 2017 Report

Earth Hour 2017: Shine a light on climate action event. On March 25th 2017 – the day of Earth Hour campaign, all members of Indochina Junk in Hanoi office, Halong Bay and Yen Duc village, as well as with the help of our beloved customer, we were all happy to join this special event. All boats and offices turn the lights off for 1 hour on 25th March and save 2147.61 kW in total.

Community-based tourism in Yen Duc Village

After 6 year in operation, the community based tourism at Yen Duc village has achieved many positive results toward responsible travel:

  • 02 staffs to clean the village road daily.
  • 04 planting trees around the village projects had been completed.
  • 60 villagers has directly worked for the project and get paid of more than 3.000.000 VND/ month.
  • More than 10 households join to host the gardening, catching fish with bamboo nest, making broom experiences, as well as other services like homestay, traditional family visiting.
  • 02 homestays with 7 rooms has been developed in the village
  • 268 gifts to give to local villagers, elderly, children and poor family in special events.
  • Put traditional instrumental performance into service – “Quan ho” singing on bamboo boats, which was highly rated by customers.
Responsible Travel Indochina Junk 2017 Report

On March 25th, 2017 – the day of Earth Hour campaign, all members of Yen Duc village were happy to join this special event and save up to 318.5KW in total.

We had completed the Children’s play area in Canh Huong pagoda area, Thung mountain area. With the purpose of creating a good learning playground for students, Yen Duc has built and renovated the area, then officially opens to welcome students, parents and visitors from the beginning of the second quarter of 2017.

OCOP (One commune, one product) project: In the beginning of the second quarter of 2017, in order to help local Yen Duc villagers have the official process to plant organic vegetables, clean rice, as well as caring about the stable output and showing our responsibility to international visitors, we has founded a project to help people grow organic vegetables with VietGap standards. Indochina Junk pays salary and supports 100% foods for agricultural engineers Mr.Vi Van Nhan who is responsible for guiding farmers to participate in planting, watering, bugs spraying.

Responsible Travel Indochina Junk 2017 Report

In the last July, vegetables harvested from the project are enough for using in one local restaurant. After trying organic vegetables from the OCOP (One commune, one product) project, the host of restaurant really loves it and wants to set up a long-term relationship.

Yen Duc community-based tourism program participates in ASEAN awards. On Jun 06th 2017, the Institute for Tourism Development launched the ASEAN Sustainable Tourism Award (ASTA), which is launched under the ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan for 2016-2025.

Responsible Travel Indochina Junk 2017 Report

Each member country of ASEAN has two companies which will receive a package award to enhance the corporate image in a sustainable way. The winning company will be promoted on the website of the National Tourism Organization and will be known as the best national tour operator in trade fairs and exhibitions such as ATF, TRAVEX, ITB and WTM.

Yen Duc has completed the file and submitted on Aug 14th 2017. It is said that the results will be announced in December and the awards ceremony will take place at ATF 2018.

Responsible Travel Indochina Junk 2017 Report

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