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Indochina Junk Eco Calendar 2020

2019, the last year of the decade, is coming to an end. It is time for us to sit back and reflect on what we have attained in a year. There must be moments you feel proud of and the ones you may wish to accomplish. There is a saying: “Life is a journey that never ends” and  our Eco Calendar 2020 is here to make your journey easier and more eco-friendly. Our lifestyle influences our productivity immensely and being intentional with what we do would lead to a happier life. This article talks about how we came up with the idea for the calendar and the message we hope to inspire others. 

Indochina Junk New Year 2020 Calendar

It all started with our basic routine of every company member: to minimize plastic waste for a better living and working space. When we travel, we don’t usually pay attention to our single-use plastic consumption. It suddenly sparked in our minds an idea of making an eco-friendly calendar, which would suggest ways we can do to reduce plastic on a daily basis. A calendar would be a good daily reminder for people to live greener for a better world.

The process of making the calendar is challenging but we had so much fun. From brainstorming concepts for each month, photo shooting and printing, we paid attention to little details so that it is positive and convenient to use. Eco Calendar 2020 is the effort of all members, who have given many worthy advices helping it the best version. Our motto was to insert some of the simplest and most practical ways to travel responsibly so that everyone can do it. 


Eco Calendar 2020 was made from more eco-friendly material such as kraft paper instead of plastic-coated paper. Each month is presented by a signature theme and a suggestion to live and travel responsibly. Moreover, we also liberate ourselves from just simply living eco-friendly. Responsible travel is not only about how we being conscious of what we use during the trip but it is also about what we give out to support the community, to the local we visit to make a positive improvement throughout times. For instance, the theme of January is the Tet holiday, in which Banh Chung is a must in Vietnamese dining table. By using the image of Banh Chung, we celebrate how our ancestors made use of the most simple and natural materials and ingredients to make such an exquisite dish in this warm, reuniting holiday. Or September is “back-to-school” month, the concept revolves around how we should nurture dreams and inspire our following generation. Making this calendar, we have high hopes that whoever uses this can relate to all the themes in 12 months to a certain extent and would be inspired to start making a positive impact on the environment in the world we are living in.  


Eco Calendar 2020 is the New Year’s dearest gift to our valued agencies and our beloved customers as a big thank you for the effective partnership and a huge amount of support we have received in 2019 and in the future. We hope we can together come along on this meaningful journey for the good of sustainable tourism and the environment in Vietnam.

In conclusion, Eco Calendar 2020 is the effort of Indochina Junk towards a better lifestyle and being more intentional when traveling and we cannot wait to spread the amazing message across the world.