Halong Bay in November

Halong Bay in November

The winter season in Halong Bay starts at the end of November and it is also the time when monsoons blow from the north, bringing chilly atmosphere. Talking about traveling in November, most people think that they should wait for the holiday season: Christmas, New Year’s Eva and Thanksgiving. But smart travelers know November is the best time to get on the road, if you are from Euro or North America, travel to Southeast Asia to take the advantage of warmer weather, not to mention that there are many deals for tour packages.

Weather of Halong Bay in November

The weather in November changes noticeably, toward the end of the month, the weather becomes colder, and mistier. But don’t feel pity, the sun still shine nicely in the bay and the water is lukewarm for swimming-lovers.

The average temperature in November is 22oC which is about 3oC lower than the average temperature of the previous month. The highest temperature is 24oC while the lowest one recorded at about 18°C which is quite cold.  Sometimes when the monsoon arrives sooner than expected, you should bring light jacket just in case it gets cold during the trip.

  • Average temperature: 22oC
  • Average sea Temperature: 28oC
  • Monthly rainfall: 12 mm
  • Average hours of sunshine per day: 8 hours


For this month, the average rainfall significantly drops from 54mm falling over an average of 11 days in October to just 12mm falling over an average of 8 days which is the second driest month of the year. During November, the average of sunshine is 8 hours which is the longest time in the year together with December, March, April, May and June. With warm temperatures, long hours of sunshine it being one of the driest months, it is a great time to discover this popular holiday destination.


Activities on Halong Bay in November

Almost all activities are enjoyable during this month, if you are a beach person, the weather blesses you with pleasant water temperature and long hour of sunshine. Therefore, you have plenty of time doing swimming, kayaking, sunbathing. Clear sky also ideal for taking photo of the bay, of the fishing village, especially, a little fog in the morning for morning person to snap dreamy scenery of sunrise as what you’ve seen in Pan (movie), the karst landscape emerges from fog, revealing itself to the sun, it is the most beautiful thing you would see during this time in Halong bay. Swimming and kayaking during this month are the most enjoyable, you won’t be scared out of water because of jellyfish, and kayaking in calm sea is much easier for you to snap hundred spectacular photos of the landscape.


Things to prepare when joining Halong Bay cruise in November

The weather is cool and dry so the chance of getting rain is rare, however, you should bring hat, sun cream and sunglasses with you for outdoor activities such as kayaking, swimming or visiting cave.  For this period of time, the chance of cancellation is relatively low, so there is no need to worry about the abandonment of your trip.  Remember to bring a light jacket or coat in case of it gets colder, especially toward the end of November.

  • All prescription and over-the-counter medications and a first-aid kit, insect repellent in a sealable plastic storage bag.
  • For beach days, pack two swimsuits, one beach cover-up or large T-shirt, two rash guards, one baseball hat or wide-brimmed sun hat and flip-flops or waterproof sandals per traveler.
  • You might want to bring waterproof bag for your phone or camera.

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