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COVID-19 Update (Feb 28, 2020): Vietnam is safe for traveling; No new infection cases


Concerns and questions on the status of Coronavirus (named Covid-19) in Vietnam have been raised among international visitors planning to visit Vietnam in early 2020. At the time being, Vietnam Government and Ministry of Health is executing problem control measurements effectively.

According to updated statistics on February 26th 2020, the total infected cases of Covid-19 in Vietnam are 16 (in those cities: Vinh Phuc (11), Thanh Hoa (1), Nha Trang (1), Ho Chi Minh City (3)). Of the confirmed infections in Vietnam to date, 13 are Vietnamese, two are Chinese and one is American. In the latest update on COVID-19 (coronavirus), the Ministry of Health has confirmed all of them have left hospital after successful treatment!

The Government of Vietnam has taken practical actions to control the spreading of Covid-19:

  • Close the land border between Vietnam and China.
  • Stop all flights to and from China.
  • Temporarily suspend festival to avoid crowds of people.
  • Monitor and isolate all suspected and covid-19 virus cases

These are official news about thorough preparation and actions from Vietnam against Covid-19:…/nCoV-update-VN-st…/20202/38667.vgp

Vietnam’s tourism attractions and Heritage sites remain open to the public. With the exception of a small handful of cities that have registered infections, Vietnam’s destinations remain virus-free and are safe to visit:

Currently, both Hanoi and Halong Bay and other tourist cities in Vietnam is considered SAFE for traveling around. Indochina Junk is also putting efforts to calm our guests in the situation by following actions:

Therefore, you don’t have to be too worry if you have booked our service that would affect you overall feeling of the trip. Thank you very much for your support and trust in us!