8 Awesome Videos of Halong Bay Experience

8 Awesome Videos of Halong Bay Experience

Vlog has taken the social media as the most popular type of blog recently. Travel bloggers quickly take advantage of the new blogging type, and thanks to vlog now Halong Bay gets closer to worldwide audiences!

1. Halong Bay on Dragon’s Pearl

By Lost & Found Travel

This video shows a typical 2-day 1-night Halong Bay tour looks like: sailing to the bay, kayaking, swimming and visiting a fishing village. John and Margaret – the founder of Lost & Found Travel joint Indochina Junk for a tour to Bai Tu Long Bay – the less crowded part of Halong Bay. The untouched beauty of Bai Tu Long Bay is one of the reasons why this video looks so great, and you seldom see other ships with the same itinerary. The video is a balanced combination of information, nice footage, and the music is suitable for the atmosphere of Halong Bay.

2. Halong Bay Luxury Cruise

By Chubby And Away

The “Chubby and Away” blog was found by James Lierow and Amanda Ervin, they both are bigger people. They are the reason why I love their vlog. They work to change the stigma that many adventurous activities are only for thin people. On this vlog about their trip to Halong Bay, they shared in detail about how the trip was like, how much they enjoyed it and how much they loved it. Compared to another vlog, this one is quite long and was divided into two parts; each is about 15 minutes long.

3. Visiting Halong Bay, Vietnam Vlog & Yen Duc Village Tour

By Em Sheldon

“I would happily get married there… Halong Bay in beautiful Vietnam” – It’s how a gorgeous fashion blogger and traveler – Em Sheldon from Emtalks – felt for Ha Long Bay.

Em Sheldon, one of the top 50 bloggers in the UK, she is a food lover, fitness fanatic, and green travel, her bloggers have been featured in many famous magazines: Instyle, Sugar Magazines, BBC Radio Leeds and many other channels.

In a cozy spring morning, Em Sheldon visited Ha Long Bay with Dragon Legend cruise. This time, she booked Indochina-Junk tour after long research on Tripadvisor and our cruise is more luxurious in comparison to the boat she used last time. If you ask her about Dragon Legend, it is 100% sure that she will recommend this boat to you if you have a plan to visit Halong Bay someday!

4. Halong Bay From The Sky

By Worldly Nomads

Barry & Laura is a charming couple, who started a blog named: Worldly Nomads four years ago, the blog is their love and passion: “The Worldly Nomads is a personal chronicle of our lives, and as we grow and develop, we want to share that with others. Although we like to think the Worldly Nomads is for us, in reality, it is for you (yes you!) to hopefully inspire, and excite you, to see a small part of the world for yourself.”

While the video is short but their blog is informative with a lot of travel tips which help you to enjoy the Halong Bay the most.

You can check out their blog here.

5. Dragon’s Pearl | Bai Tu Long bay

By Far out Expat

Erin and Davey are American expats living in Luxembourg. Together, these college sweethearts caught the travel bug while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. Over the past 15 years, they’ve established home bases in Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles while traveling to many international destinations. This vlog is a way to share their adventures in Halong Bay with Dragon’s Pearl.

6. The best views of Halong Bay

By Life Itinerant

Megan and Dean is an Australian couple living a life itinerant and working our way around the world. They love to make videos for their travel. Come along with this vlog is a detailed blog about Halong Bay. And guess what? They give you unbelievable advice: “the best way to do Ha Long Bay was not to do ‘Ha Long Bay’ at all.” To know the reason behind it, check out their vlog here.

7. Halong Bay beautiful landscape

By For 91 Days Travel Blog

“For 91 days Travel Blog” was started by two lovely guys who always on the move. Then why 91 days? As they said: ” Every 91 days a new home, a new culture, and a new adventure.” For them, blogging is about sharing their experience with the world. While the blog is their main work, they have some nice video on youtube recorded where they have been.

One of their famous moments in Vietnam is chilling and relaxing while passing through the karst seascape. It is a real jaw-dropping video. Also, make sure to check out their YouTube channel for more travel inspiring videos.

8. Halong Bay Vietnam | Dragon Legend Cruise

By VideoVision360

The video is well-made by the professional producer. Thus, it isn’t a vlog but more like a commercial video. But if you are looking for some inspiration, this video is the best for you.